Why I Still Take CBD Oil

I first started taking CBD oil in April 2019, after the prescription painkillers I was taking for a broken ankle started upsetting my stomach.

I tried Ginger, Turmeric, Serrapeptase and a few other supplements, but nothing helped until I tried CBD.

Now that my ankle is healed, people ask why I still take CBD. The main reason is I can't go back to having that much trouble sleeping.

A couple of weeks after I started taking CBD oil regularly, I noticed better hair and skin, less anxiety and better sleep. This was in addition to the pain relief that I noticed straight away.

Once my ankle healed, I did stop taking CBD for a while, but after a few weeks, I noticed that my eyes, skin and hair were more dry, I had more back pain and I was back to having trouble sleeping.

Before I started taking CBD, I had a lot of trouble sleeping, but I didn't realise how much stress it was causing me, until I stopped.

So many things used to stop me sleeping; not being in my bed (which was a big issue at the time because I was traveling at least once a month for work), the slightest sound, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, the list goes on. Sometimes, I still couldn't sleep and did not know why. I hadn't drank alcohol or caffeine, I hadn't eaten sugary foods, it was quiet, I was in my own bed, but still I laid in bed for hours worrying about having to get up the next day, after not sleeping.

After taking CBD, I experienced, for the first time in years, how nice it is to go to bed knowing you will sleep. Not asking yourself if you've drank the right amount of alcohol, if you should take a sleeping pill to counteract the caffeine, not that sleeping pills worked anyway, or a whole load of other sleep related questions. Those of you who are lucky enough to always fall asleep easily, won't relate to any of this, but I'm sure those of you, who have trouble sleeping, know exactly what I'm talking about.

I do have back issues - Scoliosis, prolapsed disks and Osteoarthritis, which can cause pain. So even though my ankle is healed, I do still take CBD for pain relief, but instead of only taking it when I'm in pain, I take it every day, for the pain relief, better skin, better hair and less dry eyes, but mostly for the better sleep.

Why do you take CBD? Answer in the comments.

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