Maximising Your CTFO Discounts

Since I wrote How to Make the Most of CTFO Discounts, the discount for new members has changed, so this is an updated post.  

CTFO occasionally offer seasonal discounts, which you will see posted on social media, but they permanently have three discount offers on that aren't well advertised. This post will help you maximize your discount, by choosing when and how to apply them.

  • 10% Off everything, for the first 10 days after joining (does not apply to autoship)
  • 5% autoship discount
  • Discounted packs (5/10/15%)

I'll start by explaining how 'Discounted Packs' work. This is the new name for business builder packs, but they are now available to customers as well as associates, although customers can't earn any commission, if they recommend them to someone else.

If an associate buys a pack, they are qualified to earn fast start pay, on top of the standard commission, on 7,14, or 21 levels, depending on which pack they buy, for life. Watch the Advanced Compensation Plan Training video from about 15 mins & 30 seconds in, to find out more.

To get a discounted pack, you add your choice of products to the pack and receive a discount of 5-15%, depending on how much you spend. 
  • Spend $349.00 more to create a Silver Discounted Pack and receive a 5%. 
  • Spend $699.00 more to create a Gold Discounted Pack and receive a 10% discount. 
  • Spend $1,199.00 more to create a Platinum Discounted Pack and receive a 15% discount. 
You can add any products to your discounted pack, including bundles. I recommend adding bundles to maximise your discount.

All CTFO CBD Oil drops come as single or triple packs and the triple packs work out cheaper. Here are the single and triple pack prices:


Single Pack Price

Triple Pack Price

Cost per triple pack bottle

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops - 300mg300mgFull Spectrum CBD Oil Drops - 300mgFull Spectrum CBD Oil Drops - 300mgFull Spectrum CBD Oil Drops - 300mgFull Spectrum CBD Oil Drops - 300mg
















10xPURE™ 500mg




10xPURE™ 1500mg




10xPURE™-GOLD Super 1000




They also sell packages of other products. For example, the Immune Essentials Combo Pack is $59.97 and contains 10xPURE™ Ultimate Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement and Super7™, both of which are $49.97 each individually, but work out at $29.99 each, when bought as part of the pack.

If you add a package or triple pack to a discounted pack, the 'discounted pack' discount is applied on top of the already discounted price, so it works out a lot cheaper than adding the individual product. 

Lets take the best selling 10xPURE™-GOLD Super 1000 as an example. As part of a 'discounted pack' it is $113.97/$107.97/$101.97, depending on the pack, individually, but as part of a triple pack, this comes down to $94.99/$89.97/$84.99.

This is my recommended order for using your discount:

  1. Buy a discounted pack within the first 10 days of signing up.
    The packs normally come with 5,10 or 15% discount, but in the first 10 days, this is increased to 15, 20 or 25%. This is the cheapest you will ever get the products. CTFO never offer discounts over 15%, outside of the first 10 days. If you are an associate, this has the added bonus of qualifying you for Matrix pay for 30 days and Discounted Pack Fast Start Pay for life.
  2. Set up autoship.
    If you are an associate, set up your autoship at the same time as ordering your business builder pack, for a product worth $49.97* ($47.47 with autoship discount), but set it to start in 30 days. That way you will always be qualified for Matrix pay and always get 5% discount.
    If you are a customer, once you're ready to order more products, if you are going to spend less than $349, set up autoship. This will give you a 5% discount and ensure you never run out.
I am recommending the discounted pack first, because the extra 10% discount, in the first 10 days, does not apply to autoship orders. It makes sense to use your extra 10%, on the discounted pack, while you can and then use the 5% autoship discount later.

*Spending $47.47 every 30 days, keeps you qualified. Download the full compensation plan from this page, to find out more about qualification. Example $49.97 ($47.47 with autoship) products are:

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