CTFO September 2020 Update

Below is the bulk of an email that I sent to my CTFO Team. I am only posting it here because some CFTO emails get blocked as spam and I have told my team to bookmark the My CTFO Team feed.

Changes at CTFO

In the webinar on Tuesday 25th August, CTFO announced some changes. You can watch the recording here. Below is a summary of the changes:

  1. 10% Discount for 10 Days for all New Members
    Previously, new members got 20% off everything, except business builder packs for 7 days and 10% off business builder packs for 30 days, once only. This has been changed to 10% off everything, including business builder packs (not called that anymore) for 10 days, as many times as they want to use it. Everyone who signed up before the announcement was given the discount for 10 days to make it fair, but that expired on September 3rd, 2020. I did email you twice to tell you and CTFO emailed everyone on their mailing list. If you didn't hear about the discount, please make sure this email address is on your whitelist and that you are opted in to receive CTFO emails.

  2. Business Builder Packs Change
    Business Builder Packs have been renamed to Deeply Discounted Packs and are available to customers as well as associates now. The fast start pay when you sell them has also changed. Watch the webinar or the new Advanced Compensation Plan Training video for details.

  3. New Checkout
    As you add items to your basket, it counts down how much more you need to spend, to trigger a discounted pack discount. It also displays the discount on every page, so you don't have to keep going to your basket to check. You can see a demo in the recording of the webinar.

  4. Advanced Compensation Plan Training
    CTFO have released a new Advanced Compensation Plan Training video. It's 30 minutes long, but I recommend finding the time to watch it because it is important to understand how you get paid, and make sure your associates also understand how they get paid. The video is a lot clearer than the PDF.

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