Network Marketing Survival - Being Aware Of The Risks

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Being Aware Of The Risks

In any business dealings there are always risks – Same in life. Drive out the door today and there are always risks of accidents. How to minimize your risks also depends on your own judgment.

Before joining a company, you must always remember in MLM that if you want to make serious money, you must be prepared to be in for the long haul. There are people who tell themselves, if I can make $500 to $1,000 part time/on the side, I would be happy. They do not set their goals high and what happens? They give only part time or half hearted effort which often doesn’t even help them make the $500 that they wanted in the first place!

Others think to themselves, that if they can find that ONE opportunity, I’ll be one of their first and look for 2-5 downlines, which will do the rest of the work (network building) then I will be set for life. MLM requires HARD WORK. MLM is a business that appreciates in value OVER TIME. Which would you rather earn?

$10,000 a day every month?


$0.01 doubling every day per month?

Ten thousand a day would seem like a lot of money on the first day compared with getting one cent on the first day? Most would choose the first option, but consider.

$10,000 * 30 days is $300,000. If 31 days, then it would be $310,000

1 cent doubling every day would product a whopping $5,368,709.12!!!

If we add one more day the total will be over 10 million!!!

Don’t despair if you don’t make substantial money over the first 6 months. Those are your TRAINING months. Remember again, NO ONE SUCCEEDS IN THE MLM INDUSTRY WITHOUT LEARNING AND HANDS ON EXPERIENCE.

Learn to pace yourself. Rome is not built in a day. But do it at a proper pace where you know your financial limitations. Ask yourself:

  1.  Can you afford the joining fees?

  2.  Are you prepared for the obvious overheads like petrol, food and training materials? 

  3.  If you don’t make money in the first six months, can you survive?

  4.  Are you prepared to cut down on your luxuries so you can work out your business?

  5.  Are you prepared to LEARN?

Coming over the next few weeks:

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