Getting Started with Social Media

After signing up to CTFO, you will probably want to promote it on social media. It's best not to use your personal account, because there's a small risk of getting your account banned for spam. Also, you don't want to constantly bombard your friends and family, who aren't interested, with CBD posts.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't post on your personal account, but keep it to the bare minimum - one when you first start, another one a few months later, not daily, or even weekly. People buy from people they trust, so your friends and family are more likely to buy than random strangers who follow you on social media, but speak to them in person, don't bombard them with social media posts. 

A good way to get started, is to follow your enroller and use them for inspiration. If that's me, you can find me on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Below are the steps I recommend you follow to get started
  1. Check knowem to see if your CTFO username is available on Facebook Twitter and Instagram
     - If it's not, consider changing it to something that is - don't do this if you have already posted loads of links to it.
     - If it's not available and you have already posted lots of links to it, choose something else, preferably related. It needs to be available on all three. 
  2. Register for Twitter and Instagram with your CTFO username (or the alternative from above). 
  3. Switch the Instagram account to a business account.
  4. Login to Facebook and create a Facebook business page, with your CTFO username as the URL.
  5. Link your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  6. Follow my Instagram and Twitter accounts and like my Facebook page (as your page), if you are in my team. DM me to let me know, so I can link to you.
  7. Follow CTFO on Instagram and Twitter.
  8. Find other CBD, Health or Beauty accounts to follow - start with about 10.
  9. Post this photo to your new Instagram and say something like "Check out my new #CBD, #Health and #Beauty business at https://[USERNAME] DM me for 20% off your first order." Optional: If you are in my team, tag @HempCBDbusiness in your post and I will like it. Tick to post to your  new Twitter and Facebook page at the same time. 
  10. On your personal Instagram & Twitter accounts, post the same picture with something like "I've just set up my own #CBD, #Health and #Beauty business with @HempCBDbusiness. Check out https://[USERNAME] and let me know what you think! Follow my new account, @[USERNAME] for more details." Remove the with @HempCBDbusiness bit, if you are not in my team. 
  11. You can't automate Instagram, so try to post daily and alternate between CTFO posts (products or the business opportunity) and generic CBD or inspirational quote posts. Make sure you tick to post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. 
  12. If you're technically minded, you can use IFTTT to automatically post to Facebook and Twitter every time you post to Instagram.

  13. If you are in my team, email or DM me and I will send you some starter images. They all have space for your URL. For example, these are an image I posted myself and the generic one I have created, for my team to add their URLs to. You can also source images yourself, using this guide.
  14. Follow other related accounts, like other related posts. When people like or follow, follow them. Keep an eye on your followers and unfollow those who aren't following you back, every couple of weeks. You can look like a spam account if you have significantly more, or less followers than you are following, so try to keep the numbers around the same. 
  15. The best types of product posts are the personal ones. Try the products and post photos of you will them. Give your honest opinion. If you post a picture of a product you haven't tried, don't lie and say it's great, when you can't possibly know that. Just say something generic. Don't forget to include hastags in every post (e.g. #CBD)
Be patient, it will take time to build up a following. You can boost your followers initially, but bare in mind the warning on this post

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