CTFO News and Updates: June 2020

Below is an email that I sent to my CTFO Team. I am only posting it here because some CFTO emails get blocked as spam and I will tell my team to bookmark the My CTFO Team feed when I speak to them.


CTFO news and updates

I'm Tracey, your CTFO sponsor. If you haven't heard from me before, I'm sorry. I do send everyone who joins my team a personal email, but sometimes they get blocked as spam. If I can help you with anything, please contact me.

I will be sending a monthly email with the latest news and updates from CTFO, to everyone in my team.


New Landing Pages

If you haven't logged into your back office recently, you may not have noticed the new landing pages. Previously, you just had the main website and opportunity page. You now have the following as well:

Don't forget to replace 'hempuk' with your username, when sharing.


Help Getting Started

If you want to build your CTFO business, I have some 'How To' guides that you may find useful on my blog, but I don't post everything publicly, so please contact me, if you would like me to work with you to get you on your way.

Other ways to stay updated with CTFO:

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