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If you join CTFO under me, you will be part of the Legacy Team and can join the CTFO Legacy Team Facebook group.

After signing up, I will email you and ask you to add me as a friend, so I can invite you to the group. I will also tag you in the getting started post, after you join the group. The post itself has some useful tips, but there are also a lot of comments that you may find useful.

For those who are not on Facebook or don't want to add a stranger (me) as a friend on Facebook, here is a copy of the post. I'm posting as is, because it's not my post. I'm only posting it here, so I can email the link to my team members who are not in the Facebook group. I highly recommend joining the group.

Welcome to the CTFO Legacy Team
Just joined - Important to take the time and READ & SAVE this Entire Post
Following are 10 STEPS to help grow your business and create a lifetime of residual income
You are with the right company, at the perfect time, with the absolute highest quality CBD products on planet earth with the absolute best pricing
So, you are probably asking.…What is next? How do I make money with CTFO’s CBD product line? What should I do now?
Your free business provides you with all the tools you need to create virtually unlimited earning potential. How much income your business produces will be completely determined by YOUR commitment of time to three simple but crucial activities:

  • Personally take CTFO Products
  • Promote your free website(s)
  • Following up with your signups

1) ORDER CTFO C.B.D Products
- You want to experience the amazing health benefits
- This is the MOST IMPORTANT & NUMBER ONE thing you should do to build a success business. Create you own personal testimony ASAP
CTFO offers the highest quality, purest C.B.D Hemp Products at the absolute most affordable pricing. Made in USA, no heat processing, non gmo, CO2 extracted using only Organic Ingredients.
- Log into your back office
- Click on "Place Order"
- Log into your back office
- Click on "Manage Autoship"
1.You receive a 5% Discount when ever you make an order
2. You receive the convenience of getting your product/s monthly
3. You can change or cancel your autoship anytime
4. For those building a business, it assures that you will always be qualified to receive commissions. Associates do not have to order to get paid 20% of the CV on personal enrollments. Associates do need to place a minimum $47 USA DOLLARS monthly order to get paid in the compensation plans matrix, uni-level & infinity.
5. There is no risk. You have 60 days to return the product for a full refund
Spend time on this CTFO C.B.D Legacy Team FACEBOOK Page looking over previous posts to get updated on all the exciting announcements that have already been made. Make sure to visit this group page DAILY for up to the minute news. Use the SEARCH box to look things up.
When you truly understand who this company is, and what we are apart of, you will need extra Sleep Spray when you go to bed tonight!
- Log into your back office
- Click on Library
Corporate Tuesday LIVE Webinars
6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST
To join the webinar live simply visit or join us by phone by dialing: 408-638-0968
Legacy Team Thursday LIVE Opportunity Training's
5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST
Conference Line: (319) 527-2973
No Pin Code Required

5) Invite your New Associates and Prospects to this Private Group page. IT IS A SAFE HAVEN IN THE WILD WEST OF SOCIAL MEDIA (NEGATIVELY IS NOT TOLERATED)
1. Facebook only allows you to add people who you are FACEBOOK FRIENDS with
2. Type your friends name into the "ADD MEMBERS" box on the Legacy Page
3. Once you find them, scroll down to their picture/name and hit enter
4. A message pops up that says your friend has been INVITED to the group.
5.‼️ Important ‼️They MUST accept invitation to be added.
Send them an Instant Message with the following link to join. Ask them to click the link to join



There are facebook groups out there that are dangerous to join. Just because the group title says CTFO does not mean you should join it.
It’s your choice what groups you decide to belong to on Facebook, of course. HOWEVER….I want you to be aware of something:
By joining any community that is “cross-team”, you can get confused on what is being taught to you by others. But even more importantly and more PRESSING is the fact that you might be being used for lead harvesting for other opportunities.
Integrity is everything to me, and I am aware of at least one community (FB Group) that is harvesting your names and those of your friends (available in your profile) in order to promote other businesses. All under the guise and name of CTFO.
Just my opinion here..... There is also a fair amount of negative posting by "debbie downers" in some of these groups. This is a terrible influence for you or any of your team. I'd suggest getting all of your team members out of these groups, as well.
I suggest that you stick with groups run by those in your upline
The waters are VERY murky out there...... Be VERY careful.


6) MAKE SURE TO CREATE A SHORTCUT so you can find the Legacy Team FaceBook Page in the Future

Directions to PIN this page on a Mobile Device:

Directions to PIN this page on a Computer:

7) Get familiar with the lucrative compensation with our free business & copyrighted Profit Sharing Positions

- Watch the Comp Plan Video

- Watch the Comp Plan Video
8) Soon you will start making WEEKLY PAY. Once you do you need to set up your Global Payroll Gateway

Wednesday is PAY DAY !!!
Make sure that CTFO has your Social Security Number or Tax ID
CTFO has chosen Global Payroll Gateway (GPG) to provide commission processing and payments worldwide. This is the fastest and most convenient way to pay members.
This system allows CTFO Associates to transfer their commissions to:
- Local Bank Accounts in 70+ countries (We will be bringing C.B.D to the World soon)
- Reloadable Visa, MasterCard or AMEX Paycards
- Visa or MasterCard Credit Cards or Debit Cards
Directions to Activate you GBG Account
- Log into your back office
- Click on Commisons Management
- Click on My GPG Account
When you set up your GBG account, make sure to have the system send you a text message to your cell phone each time you get paid !!!!!
The first time you access your GPG Account, you will be prompted to complete a simple Activation Form
1. CTFO will place your commissions into your GPG Account each Wednesday.
2. You can access your GPG Account securely in your CTFO back office
3 Log into your GPG Account and transfer your commissions to your local Bank Account, Paycard, Credit/Debit Card`
9) Join our CTFO Testimony Page
This is a PRIVATE Group that you need to be invited to join. The link below ONLY works if you are already part of the testimony group page. Ask your sponsor our upline to add you.


This way you never will miss an important update

Sign up for email broadcast at



A) For those looking for Traffic or Leads check out:

- Look for "Advertising Clicks to Your Page" you can get for a little as 70 CENTS

- Select auto-ship and receive an additional 10%

- CBDLeadStore has the best traffic/leads, at the best price, in the industry


B) Check out CBD Recruit On Demand is LIVE.

This is a tool that offers prospects a $50 gift card to watch a ten minute video. The CTFO video is AWESOME. Once your prospect watches the video, the gift card is sent directly to their CELL PHONE (yes, this is very mobile friendly), and you can choose to have their info sent to you by text, or give them your info to call you, or you can just re-direct them to your CBD splash page. You can test drive the system for 7 days for only $7.

List of Important Disclaimers:

- The best way to build your CTFO business is through warm market

- If you choose to invest in traffic or leads, or CBD Rod, there - There always a risk and no guarantee you will get a ROI

- Personally contacting your prospects dramatically increases the probability of them joining and getting started

-. CBDLeadStore & CBDRod are NOT a MLM or Affiliate program. NO ONE MAKES MONEY promoting this page. NO ONE.


C) Get some CBD Swag


Become a walking billboard for your business
Much, Much More.....
Gift Cards are a GREAT way to promote incentives, contests and level ups.
Also, what a great tax right off. Let Uncle Sam help pay for your SWAG.

Michael & Dawn Swilling

Have Fun - Work with Positive People - Enjoy this Amazing Journey

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