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The best content for your blog is original, useful content that you have written yourself and there is no point having a blog, if the majority of your content does not fit that description.

You're ether blogging for fun, to promote a business/service/product or to make money from affiliate links and advertising.

Where's the fun in copying and pasting content? And if you are doing it to promote something or make money, you need to get your blog into search engines.

Search Engine Opitimisation (SEO) is big business and the rules are constantly changing, but one thing all experts will tell you that never changes is your content must be unique. It makes logical sense; If your blog post is identical to 50 others, why would it appear any higher up in the search engine results pages (SERP) than the 50 that came before you?

If you don't get into the SERP, people aren't going to find your blog, so you will get very few visitors and won't make much money from your blog.

You should write your own content as much as possible, but occasionally, if you have writers block, or you're going away, for example, you might want to grab some content from elsewhere.

Below are some places where you can get free content for your blog, but I can't stress the importance of writing your own content enough. Only use these occasionally.

Ezine Articles

Ezine Articles is a website that allows content authors to publish articles for use by content publishers, so they can get more exposure and back links. As a blog owner, you can publish any of their articles, as long as you "leave the article title, author name, body and resource box intact (means NO changes) with the links made active" and you agree to their publisher terms of service.

The key term here, is 'NO changes'. Because you can't rewrite the articles, the content will not be unique, so it won't help your SEO. 

You can view some example articles here.

Killer PLR Articles

Killer PLR Articles offers free Private Label Rights (PLR) articles that you can post on your blog. Because the articles have PLR, you are free to rewrite them and you don't have to credit the author. You can claim the writing as your own. There are many websites where you can buy PLR articles, but this post is about free content sources for your blog. Good authors are not likely to give away their recent content without getting anything in return. Even if they don't want money, they are likely to want credit or a backlink. So a lot of the articles on any free PLR website are likely to be low quality or old.

In preparation for writing this post, I created A brief History of Hemp in the USA from Hemp and Marijuana – ELIMINATING THE CONFUSION. As you can see, the original PLR article finished in 2003.

This website is good for inspiration and helping you with the bulk of a post, but you can't just copy and paste. You will need to do some work on the articles before posting them.

The plus side of re-writing the content is it becomes unique, so it is better for SEO. The downside is it's more work.


Amazines lets you add a widget to your blog with the latest article content. The downside is that it may make your blog look like it has been updated to the human, eye, but it doesn't generate any posts, so to a search engine, you have no fresh content, just fresh links to another site.

You can also copy and paste articles, as long as "the Authors RESOURCE BOX (the section usually at the end of the articles that describes the author) is copied with the article maintaining any and ALL links that are included. When you post the article on your site, those links must work. Give proper credit to the Author and please link back to"

I could not find any recent CBD articles on Amazines, but that doesn't mean some won't be added in the future.


There are other PLR articles directorys and eZine sites that offer free content, but I could not find anything CBD related on any of them. If you know of one, please post a link in the comments.

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