Product Review: 10xPURE Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops – 500mg

Key facts 

Recommended Dose: 20 drops, twice a day. 
CBD per Dose: 10mg 
Size: 30ml 
Full price: $130.97
Price I paid: $99.97
Servings per container: 50 
Reason for lower price: Signed up as an associate. 
Signing up as a Preferred Customer gets the same discount.

10xPURETM is CTFO's proprietary, patented hemp oil that contains CBDa. You can find out more about CBDa in the video below, or in the PDF that you can download here.

At the time I tried this, I had been taking 20 drops, twice a day, of the 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops for about a month, because I was recovering from a broken ankle. I was almost pain-free, while taking them.

As well as the pain relief, after taking the 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops regularly for a couple of weeks, I also found:
  • My skin and hair were less dry.
  • My hair was softer and less brittle.
  • I was sleeping better.
  • I had more energy (probably because I was sleeping better).
I decided to try these 10xPURETM drops to see if all the fuss about CBDa was true. Both had the same amount of CBD, but only one contained CBDa, so if these were better, in theory, CBDa works.

At first I took the same 20 drops, twice a day and continued to be almost pain-free and experience all of the above benefits. After a few days, I started to gradually reduce the dose and found that I could take 15 drops (7.5mg), twice a day, instead of 20 and experience the same level of benefits.

I assume that fact that I could take less CBD means the CBDa helps. Apart from being bale to take less, I did not notice much difference, except that I could not drink as much alcohol. I found that after two or three alcoholic drinks, I felt sick and had to stop drinking. Whether or not this is a good thing, is debatable...

I chose to switch back to standard CBD because the maths made it more cost effective for me. Both contained 1000 drops. I was taking 40 drops per day of the standard 500mg oil, making it last 25 days. I only had to take 30 drops a day of this, making it last 33.3 days, but it was almost double the price: $99.97 Vs $59.97 for the standard oil, making the cost per day $3 Vs $2.40.

Based on the same maths logic, I switch from the 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops to the 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops and just took less. I figured, it would last 3 x as long, as it's 3 x the strength, but it cost less than double, so financially, it worked out better. Review of that coming soon...

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