How to Avoid Fake CBD

Unfortunately, it's easy to get ripped off when buying CBD from the wrong place.

Some websites mislead customers into buying hemp oil that does not contain CBD, by showing hemp oil in the search results for CBD. Whilst this isn't fake CBD because the product description does not claim it contains CBD, it can be disappointing for the customer.

More dangerous than mistakenly buying hemp oil, in the belief it contains CBD, is fake CBD - oils that claim to contain CBD when they don't. An example of this was 52 people in Utah being poisoned by fake CBD in December 2017.

To avoid getting ripped off, always buy your CBD from a legitimate trusted source and follow these rules:
  1. Don't buy CBD on Amazon or eBay.

    Amazon and eBay do not sell CBD oil, but if you search for CBD on either website, hemp oils will come up in the search results. This is not CBD oil. Or at least it shouldn't be, because the sale of CBD is prohibited by their terms and conditions. You can read more about this on my 'What is the difference between Hemp oil and CBD Oil?' post.

    In the video below, three oils from Amazon were lab tested. Two of them did not contain CBD. The third one actually did, but by selling it on Amazon, the seller was breaching Amazon's seller terms and conditions.

  2. Check the ingredients.

    A common misconception is that all hemp oil contains CBD. This is not the case. See What is the difference between Hemp oil and CBD Oil? If the ingredients say hemp oil and nothing else, you are buying hemp oil, not CBD oil. Look for PCR Hemp Oil, Phytocannabinoid Hemp Oil, CBD Oil etc.
  3. Check the nutritional info.

    Real CBD will tell you how many milligrams of CBD are in each serving.
  4. Look at the price.

    CBD needs to be extracted from the stalks and leaves of the hemp plant. This takes time and money, so there is a minimum price on CBD. CTFO is one of the cheapest sellers of genuine CBD products and their cheapest CBD oil (300mg full spectrum) is $50 for 30ml. If an oil is for sale for significantly less than that, it probably doesn't contain CBD.
  5. Check the lab reports.

    In the USA, manufacturers are required to have their CBD tested by a third-party laboratory and make their lab reports available. Unfortunately, the UK does not require this, which is one of the reasons I buy my CBD from the US. Before buying any CBD product, check the lab report. Click here to read my blog post about what to look for in lab reports.

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