How much does it really cost to get started with CTFO?

I've been asked similar questions on this topic; Is CTFO really free? Can you really make money from CTFO without spending anything? How much would it cost (at a bare minimum) to get started with CTFO?

I did write an 'Is CTFO free?' post last year, but a few things have changed since then, so I'm writing a new post.

The short answer is: You can get started for free, you don't even have to provide credit card details to sign up. And yes, it is possible to make money from CTFO without spending anything, because people have.

However, there are free and paid for options, with CTFO, and which one you go for depends on you. The most important factors are how much you can afford to invest and what motivates you. There is an argument that if you don't spend anything, you have nothing to lose, so you won't try as hard, but everyone is different and I do know (via Facebook) people that have successfully built a business with CTFO, without spending anything (at first).

To qualify for the MLM part (earning commission from your recruits' recruits), you need to buy $47.47 worth of product per month, but to earn money from people you recruit directly, you don't have to buy anything. You can focus on direct recruiting, and not buy anything, until you have recruited enough customers that the commission covers your $47.47. People have successfully done that, so it is possible.

Personally, I tried CTFO products before selling them. I started with the small pain relief and sleep sprays and the 500mg full spectrum CBD oil. I don't believe you can successfully market something you haven't tried, but maybe you're a better sales person than I am? I don't think I could convince someone else to buy something that I'm not willing to buy myself. So I believe you must buy at least one product and try it and feel the benefits. The cheapest oil is the 300mg full spectrum oil for $49.97 wholesale, $47.47 auto-ship, or $39.98 in the first 7 days of signing up. So realistically, you should budget to spend at least that to get started, if you can.

Whether or not 300mg is strong enough for you, depends on what you are taking it for and if you are used to taking CBD. I am not a doctor and can't give medical advice, so strength and dosage is something you should discuss with your doctor.

If you can afford it, you should consider the premium marketing suite and a business builder pack as well.

What do you get for free from CTFO?

When you sign up to CTFO as an independent associate, you get:

How much is the premium marketing suite and what does it give you?

The premium marketing suite is $19.95 per month and gives you the following, in addition to the above:

What are business builder packs?

Business builder packs are bundles of discounted products that work out a lot cheaper to buy in the bundle than individually. You can use the products yourself, so you can give honest opinions to your prospective customers, sell them at retail prices for profit (depending on the laws in your country) or use them as samples. Buying a business builder pack also qualifies you to earn fast start bonuses for life when people you recruit buy them. You earn the standard commission, whether you buy one or not, but buying one gives you an extra way to make money.  See the video below for more details.

Business builder packs range from $299.97 to $1197.97 and you get a one off 10% discount for 30 days after sign up.


You can get started with, and make money from, CTFO for free, without even providing payment details, but if you can afford it, I would recommend:

  • Buying a business builder pack (I'd start with the silver packs) and signing up for the premium marketing suite. This would be a start up cost of $289.92, which is $269.97 ($299.97 minus 10%) for the pack and $19.95 for the marketing suite. Plus an ongoing cost of $19.95 per month, if you choose to keep the premium marketing suite. You will also need to spend and an extra $27.52 ($47.47-$19.95) on products per month to be eligible for the MLM part. 
  • If the above is too expensive, start by just buying one of the CBD oils. This is $39.98, if you start with the cheapest and order within 7 days of sign-up.
  • If you can't afford that, then give it a go for free anyway, people have successfully made money from CTFO without spending any.

The biggest investment you need to make to be successful with CTFO is time and commitment. It doesn't matter how much, or little, you spend, you still need to promote the products and the business opportunity.

If you are thinking about joining CTFO, but have questions, please PM me on Social Media.

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