Using CBD to Overcome Flying Anxiety

This is a follow up to My First Experience Flying with CBD. At the end of that post, I said "Next week, I have to do a short haul flight (2 hours), so I am going to take CBD oil and attempt to fly without drinking alcohol for the first time in years... I will blog about it when I get back, so watch this space." Although I made notes at the time, I didn't get around to doing the post, so, a bit late, but here it is...

I took my standard (at the time) 10mg of CTFO Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops 500mg in the morning. I was taking it every morning and night, regardless of symptoms, at the time. I took an extra 5mg at lunch time because I knew I would be flying.

I was very stressed out before taxi even arrived. This was more to do with work than flying though.

I took an hibiscus CBD drink with me to drink on the way. It contained 5mg CBD. I’d calmed down about 20 minutes and half a bottle into the journey, but that may have been being away from the office, the motion of the car, the sound of the rain etc. I did almost fall asleep in the car though, which is unlike me.

In the lounge, I was calm and didn’t feel the need to drink alcohol to face the flight. It did feel like a bit of a waste not drinking, given how much I’m paying for Priority Pass, but I did say I’d do it and I wanted to see if I could.

My ankle did start to hurt in the lounge, but I put the pain freeze cream on it, instead of taking more oral CBD, as I’d already taken 20 mg; 10mg of CTFO Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops 500mg in the morning, 5mg at lunch and 5mg in the drink in the taxi. The cream worked and the pain went away.

On the plane, there was turbulence the whole way. The seat belt sign was only turned off for about 10 minutes in the middle of the 2 hour flight.

Although I didn’t like the turbulence, I wasn’t as scared as I normally am and I managed to get through the whole flight without drinking any alcohol.

Since then, I have flown sober a few times, which is an improvement on the last 20 years. I still prefer to drink because flights are long and boring and alcohol makes them go faster, well seem to anyway, but I no longer have to drink to fly.

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