I'm Back

So you may have noticed that I haven't written a proper post lately. There's been a few automated news posts, but nothing written by me for a while. I  haven't given up on CBD, I've just been too busy to blog...

Between travelling for work and travelling for fun, I haven't been around much. Between the beginning of September and the end of November, I only spent about 3 weeks at home.

Since my last post, I have flown sober several times, tried several CBD products, temporarily quit CBD because I was in a country where it was only legal on prescription, and done lot's of other non-CBD related stuff.

Reviews and posts abotu the CBD related stuff will follow.

One of my many 2020 goals is to focus of my CBD Business and blog when I can, even if it is in a hotel bar, while waiting to go to the airport for my delayed flight (like now ;-)).

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