Product Review: CTFO Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops 500mg

Key facts 

Recommended Dose: 20 drops, twice a day. 
CBD per Dose: 10mg 
Size: 30ml 
Full price: $80.97
Price I paid: $56.97
Servings per container: 50 
Reason for lower price: Signed up as an associate and set up auto-ship. 
Signing up as a Preferred Customer and setting up auto-ship at checkout gets the same discount. Without auto-ship, it is $59.97 for associates and preferred customers.

With the exception of the CTFO Sleep Support Spray, I did not follow the recommended dose of any of the CBD products that I'd tried until I started using this. I was taking the others for pain and just took them as and when I felt in pain. I ordered this for pain as well, but decided to try taking the recommended dose to see what happened.

I ordered this and the Pain Free-ze Rub at the same time. I'd ran out of CBD oil about a week before they arrived, so I was in pain and couldn't wait to start using them. As soon as they arrived, I took 20 drops of this and put the pain cream on my ankle. My ankle stopped hurting almost instantly, but as I used both at the same time, I can't be sure how much of the pain relief was down to the oil and how much was down to the cream.

I did feel drowsy, not long after taking the 20 drops. This is something I hadn't experienced with the previous CBD products that I had tried (Holistic Herb Premium CBD Oil and CBD FX Vegan Gummy Bears). I have since been told, on a CTFO training call, that CBD oil has a detoxifying effect on the body, so you can experience the side effects of detoxing, when you first start using it, and these side effects include drowsiness, so possibly it was a side effect of detoxing and not caused by the CBD, but at the time, I assumed the CBD was causing it and lowered the dose.

I started taking 10 drops instead of 20, twice a day. I found that my pain did go away or significantly reduce about 10 minutes after taking the oil, but it came back a couple of hours later, so I started taking 10 drops 4 times a day. This was enough to control the pain, when I wasn't doing much, but if I had a day where I did more walking or standing than normal, I did get pain. In these cases, I used the Pain Free-ze Rub instead of taking more oil, because I wanted to stick to the recommended dose. Although I was taking less each time, I was taking it more often, so I was still taking the recommended 20mg a day, just in a different way.

Apart from pain relief, I didn't notice much difference at first, but after a couple of weeks of using it, I noticed that:
  • My skin and hair were less dry.
  • My hair was softer and less brittle.
  • I was sleeping better.
  • I had more energy (probably because I was sleeping better).
I didn't notice any of the above effects with the other products I had tried, but I only took them as and when I was in pain, so it's not really fair to compare them as I didn't take them at regular intervals.

After a couple of weeks, I tried changing my dose to the recommended 20 drops, twice a day and found this was fine for me. It didn't cause drowsiness and kept my pain at bay. Taking the CTFO Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops 500mg regularly has sold me on the health benefits of CBD. I already knew it was a powerful pain killer, which is why I started taking it in the first place, but now that I've experienced the other benefits, I  will keep taking it regularly.

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