How to get an extra 15% off at CTFO

I'm sure you've seen that you can get 15% off until midnight tonight (PDT) with coupon code FREEDOM, but how do you actually use it?

Someone contacted me because they couldn't find where to apply the code. So here's an explanation for anyone else struggling:

The website displays the 'Preferred Customer' and 'Retail' price with no explanation until checkout. You will pay the lower preferred customer price (minus the 15%).

All you have to do to be a preferred customer is register when you check out, like you would on any other ecommerce website. Only people who use the guest check out without registering pay the retail price.

When you checkout you have to register, put in your address etc, and click continue to go between steps.

At step 5, beneath the credit card details (you will need to scroll if you are on a mobile), there is a coupon code box. Enter FREEDOM (must be uppercase) and click Apply. Your 15% discount will be applied and your basket total will go down. Do that before entering your payment details.

The fact that I've had to write this maybe proof that their website usability is terrible, but despite the bad website, the products are actually really good! Well all the ones that I have tried are. 

If you sign up to auto ship, the 5% discount is on top of the 15% and you can cancel any time.

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