Is CTFO Free?

Since I started researching and promoting CBD, I have been asked a lot of questions, which I am answering in a series of blog posts, under the FAQ tag.

As a Change the Future Outcome (CTFO) independent associate, I get asked if CTFO really is free. The short answer is yes. The long answer is below:

It is free to sign up as a CTFO independent associate. Once you sign up, you earn 20% commission on everything you sell, but to qualify for the MLM part (earing money when people you recruit sell), you need to be buying $47.47 of products a month, or have recruited 10 people who are. So you can qualify without ever buying a product, but it's probably easier if you do.

With your free account, you get access to your back office where you can manage your CTFO business, including:
  • Access links to your sites
  • Create and edit all your account details 
  • See what your commissions are and transfer those commissions into your bank account or debit/credit card 
  • View your growing organization as new members join your team 
  • Place orders for products and marketing materials 
  • Set up and edit auto-ship (recurring) orders 
  • View your order history.
  • Access all the documents and reference files set up for you in the CTFO Library
  • Create your own customized reports that let you know exactly what's going on in your CTFO organization.
You also get several websites, including:
Most CBD MLM programs have a sign up fee and either an ongoing monthly fee, or a requirement to buy a certain amount of products per month. CTFO does not have any fees* or monthly purchase requirements, so in that sense, it is completely free. However, it is very difficult to promote a product that you have never tried, so, if you are serious about making money by promoting CTFO CBD products, you should buy some to try really. 

Optional costs associated with CTFO

Although CTFO is free to sign up for and has no monthly fees or purchase requirements, the following is a list of things I recommend spending money on.
  • Your own domain name (around £20 per year) - I use
    The CTFO websites, that you are given free, are difficult to remember. It is much easier to buy a domain name that you will remember and set it up to redirect to your CTFO sites. You can use sub-domains to redirect to the different CTFO websites. For example, I redirect to my replicated CTFO site (, to my business opportunity page ( and to my CBD shop (
  • CTFO products ($14.97 plus postage up)
    As I said above, it is very difficult to promote a product that you have never tried, so it makes sense to buy some to try. The cheapest product is the bath bombs that cost $14.97 each for associates and preferred customers ($19.97 retail), or $14.22, if you sign up for auto-ship. The most expensive is the 1500mg 10xPure Full Spectrum Drops that cost $159.97 for associates and preferred customers ($210.97 retail), or $151.97, if you sign up for auto-ship.
  • Advertising and marketing (varies)
    Having a free CBD selling website is great, but no-one is going to buy anything, if they can't find your website. Of course there are free ways to promote it, through blogs and social media etc, but you might get customers quicker, if you invest in advertising.
* There is a premium plan with a monthly fee, but the free plan is free forever and there is no requirement to upgrade.

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