Why I Chose CTFO

By coincidence, which you can read about in my about me post, I was researching CBD oil and ways to make money online/passive income streams at the same time. I found that CBD is a $1billion industry and growing and the affiliate marketing or multi level marketing (MLM) seem to be the best methods of making money online for me.
There are plenty of ways to make money online, but for me MLM and Affiliate marketing seemed the best because although they take a lot of time and effort at the beginning, once you’ve built them up, they can become a passive income stream and also there’s little or no money needed to get started

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you earn commission on another company’s sales, by sending people to their website through your link. For example, if you buy CBD oil products through this link, you will be buying from CTFO, not me, and it will cost you exactly the same as if you went directly, but I would earn a percentage of your spend.

What is Multi Level Marketing (MLM)?

Multi-level marketing, known as MLM is when you earn a commission of products you sell yourself, either through direct selling or affiliate links, and on the products people you recruit sell, and the people they recruit sell etc down to a certain number of levels. For example, if you sign up to sell CTFO CBD products through this link, you will still earn the full commission on your sales, but I would earn a smaller percentage as well.

CBD Affiliate Programs

All CBD MLM companies effectively offer an affiliate scheme because you can still earn a commission on the products you sell via your affiliate link or replicated store even if you don’t recruit anyone else to sell. I did find some companies that had affiliate only (no MLM) programs, including CBD FX, CBD BioCare and CBD Armour, but I haven’t signed up yet, so can’t tell you how good they are.

CBD MLM Companies

I’m sure there’s more out there, but when I was researching CBD MLM companies and CBD oil MLM programs, the same three kept coming up over and over; Change the Future Outcome (CTFO), HempWorx and Kannaway. So far I have only signed up for the first one, but I may try the others in the future.

Why I Chose CTFO to Start With

Because I am new to both CBD oil and MLM, I did not want to spend a lot (or anything really ;-)). This will be a learning curve for me and it will probably take a while to make any money, if at all. I didn’t want this to and up being an expensive failed business venture, so the main reason I chose CTFO was because it’s free to sign up and has no ongoing fees* and you don’t have to buy any products**.

I also chose CFTO because it has a patented unique product - the "10xPure" oil. With many companies selling similar products, I wanted to work with one that had an exclusive product.

The other CBD MLM companies I looked at charge a sign up fee and you have to order a certain amount of their products on monthly auto ship to stay in the program. I’m hoping my pain issues will be temporary, so I won’t need CBD oil forever, but I hope to run my online CBD business long term.

I also found the MLM compensation plan simpler. The other CBD MLM programs had legs and each leg had to be earning similar amounts. There are no ‘legs’ with CTFO and when you recruit sellers, you can only have three directly under you. So, if I recruit 4 people, for example, I have to put the 4th one under the first. If you have a particularly good recruiter above you, you can get their spillover, which helps build your team.

CTFO Product Range

* There is a premium plan with a monthly fee, but the free plan is free forever – you don’t have to upgrade after a certain amount of time.

**Although you don’t have to order their products, I have and recommend you do, if you sign up. Can you sell something you haven’t tried? I can’t. Also, to qualify for payment on the lower levels, you either have to be spending $47 a month on products or have recruited 10 people that are. You earn commission on sales from anyone you directly refer, regardless of if you purchase or not.

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