Is all CBD oil the Same?

Since I started researching and selling CBD, I have been asked a lot of questions, which I intend to answer in a series of blog posts, under the
FAQ tag.

Is all CBD oil the same?

No, not all Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is the same. Different manufacturers use different extraction processes and have different breeds of hemp plants. That affects the potency of the CBD oil, but even the same manufacturer will produce different types.

CTFO, for example, produce 10xPure Full Spectrum CBD oil, Full Spectrum CBD oil and CBD Isolate oil and each of those come in varying strengths.

Check the independent lab reports before you buy, to be sure there is enough CBD to have an effect.
Photo of CTFO CBD Isolate oils

What is the difference between Full Spectrum CBD oil and CBD Isolate?

Full spectrum oils contain other cannabinoids. This can be beneficial because other cannabinoids have reported health benefits too, but they can contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Most full spectrum oils have the THC removed, but trace amounts could remain. Check before you buy though, because it may be illegal if the THC is left in (it is illegal in the UK).

CBD isolate contains zero THC, but it also doesn't contain any other cannabinoids. It is useful for those who want to avoid even traces of THC, but you could miss out on the potential benefits of the others.

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